3rd August, 2017

Announcing the Giles Publications summer fitness challenge!

Throughout the month of August, the Gilpies will be taking part in our first ever summer fitness challenge, in a bid to eat well and move our bodies to feel fit, healthy, and happy. Fitness—of both body and mind!—is something that we value very highly here at GP, so we’re thrilled to have the whole team taking action to reach their personal goals this summer.

We’ll be walking, zumba-ing, and kick-boxing furiously, sweating more than usual, eating enough greens to make our parents proud, ensuring that we drink a good two litres of water per day, and generally attempting to be paragons of health.

The challenge runs until the end of August, when the step totals, class attendances, and body fat percentages and weight losses will be tallied up (discreetly, of course). The lucky winner will receive two extra days of annual leave—so, Gilpies, get moving!

We’ll keep you up to date on our fitness challenge here on the blog, with a weekly update of how everyone’s progressing (and if you’d like to informally join the challenge along with us, we’d love to hear about your progress, too).

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