6th November, 2017

How to sell your true value to clients | The Giles Agency

It’s all too easy to take your value for granted. You may know that you offer an excellent copywriting service, for example, or that your staff are talented, conscientious, and witty—but how do prospective customers or clients know that?

Tools such as elevator pitches and style guides often crop up when talking of brand value and personality, but there’s another marketing exercise that’s crucial for any business (big and small alike): defining your value statement and brand words.

When did you last reassess your business identity?

We’ve always had a keen eye on defining our value to clients, but keeping one’s brand statements, words, and values up-to-date is key.

As part of our recent rebrand, we decided to put aside some time to reassess who we are, what we offer and what we stand for today. What kind of words define our brand and ethos? How would we summarise our offering in a few short sentences?

The meeting ran for many hours (with refreshments on offer, of course, so don’t feel too sorry for us!), but it was time well spent. Our crisp, succinct value statement allows our clients to understand exactly why they’re opting for us over a competitor, and why our service is a great investment for them to make. Our brand words and values are clearly defined, so that any interested party can get a real feel for who we are in just seconds.

The Giles Agency brand proposition:

At The Giles Agency, we partner with in-house marketing and communications teams to extend their capabilities and lighten their load. We combine creative talent and communications know-how with in-depth industry expertise to craft content that gets results.

Our approach is unique: Art meets science

In a noisy, fast-paced world, we still believe in exquisite craftsmanship and attention to detail. We combine the art of fine writing and design with the science of communication technology, data analysis and consumer behaviour. For us, truly effective communications lie at the cross section of these elements.

Have you defined your value statement and brand words? We’d love to hear what you came up with if so—do share in the comments.

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