We offer on-site workshops covering a range of key marketing and comms topics. Our hands-on courses are built around the questions and concerns we commonly encounter, designed to give you practical know-how that you can use immediately.

Half-day and full-day courses include:

  • Copywriting 101
  • Better Business Writing
  • Power Presentations
  • Finding your Brand Voice
  • Newsworthy Newsletters

Tailored workshops catering to the specific needs of your team can also be arranged.

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Our expert editors will turn your raw text into polished and persuasive copy, ready for publication. They will rearrange, rewrite, shorten, tighten and correct – whatever it takes to achieve a professional result.


Before any project, our skilled copywriters spend time researching your industry, getting to know your company, your competition and your target market. It is this research, combined with a solid understanding of marketing strategies and a gift for language that ensures our copy gets results.


We refer to our value-added translation service as ‘transcreation’. Our unique two-stage process avoids the common pitfalls of literal translation. First, the initial translation is executed to accurately convey the meaning. Then a native editor polishes the piece to achieve a natural tone and style.


Our talented designers create attention-grabbing visuals that gel with your carefully crafted content. Whether you’re looking for a continuation of an established brand style, or for something totally new, our team can create a look you will love.


Our years of experience working with different printers have given us an in-depth insight into each one’s capabilities. That insight, along with the relationships we have built, guarantees you the best result at the best price, without the hassle of dealing with multiple service providers.

Photography, Videography and Photo Sourcing

The right image can bring any communications piece to life. Our design team excels in finding suitable low-cost stock images for budget projects. When more tailored pictures are required, we can organise a photo shoot and even video filming to create something truly unique.