7th September, 2017

The Giles Publications Summer Fitness Challenge: The final results

We’re sad to say that our summer fitness challenge has come to an end (and, if truth be told, a tiny bit relieved).

It’s been a long month filled with Zumba, yoga, kick-boxing, and drumming—we’ve been walking as many steps as our feet will let us, and eating all the fresh fruit we possibly can.

We held the final points tally on Monday, where our step totals, class attendances, and body fat percentages were all rolled up into one to form our final scores.

So, who’s the lucky winner?

Huge congratulations to Iris, one of our Chinese Editors! Iris topped the leaderboard with a whopping 53 points. We’re hugely proud of your achievement, and hope you enjoy your two hard-earned days of additional holiday.

Until next year!

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