12th June, 2017

The true value of a #1 ranking on Google

It’s common knowledge that the top search spot on Google is a coveted position for any business, and that slipping onto the second page is far from ideal. However, the value of a top spot on Google can be quantified more concretely—and the results may surprise you.

According to research carried out by online ad network Chitka (covered by Weidert Group), the first page of Google search experiences the vast majority of web traffic (91.5%), with only a small number trickling through to the second (4.8%), third (1.1%), and subsequent pages.

Even on the first page, ranking is vital: the gap between even positions 1 and 2 is stark. While the top spot can bring in an average web traffic percentage of 33% to your business’ webpage, the second spot brings in just 18% (a drop of 15%). “It continues to drop after these top 2 positions but not as drastically,” say Weidert Group, “illustrating what it means to rank first rather than second.”

One way to increase the effectiveness of Google search for your company is to use sponsored content and Google Adwords. However, even if one opts for a promoted paid-for listing on Google search, it’s tough to beat an organic ranking. found that 85% of all clicks overall went to organic content—and that whopping 53% of these organic clicks went to the top spot.

Statistics aside, it’s obvious that a top slot on Google search is the very best way to promote traffic and click-throughs to your website. For more information on SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and why good quality content should always come first, see our blog posts here and here.

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