17th August, 2017

Week 2 of the Summer Fitness Challenge: The results!

Time for a quick update on the Giles Publications Summer Fitness Challenge!

Last week we enjoyed brushing up on our kickboxing skills at Impakt, and taking fearsome photos of our team ready and raring to spar with our rivals.

Has there been any change on the leaderboard? Drum roll please…

Mel and Queena are still holding their own at the top of the table—congratulations ladies! However, there’s been a bit of climbing and shuffling, so it’s still anybody’s game (although those at the bottom may now have to do quite a bit of walking and boxing to catch up).

As an interesting aside, our top-ranking team members are currently recording average daily step totals of over 12,000! However, another is recording… none at all. We’re a little concerned that she may be flying or teleporting to work—but it’s probably more likely she’s not syncing her pedometer.

The week 1 results are available here.

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