30th August, 2017

Week 4 of the Summer Fitness Challenge: The results!

Last week was the penultimate week of our fitness challenge. We’ve been conscientiously competing against our wonderful coworkers for the whole month of August, enjoying a constant supply of fresh fruit in the office, new and unique exercise classes, and hi-tech pedometers to track our steps. It’s been a journey of dedication and discipline for all our participants, but with August nearing its end, time is running out. 

Without further ado, how’s the leaderboard looking? 

Last week saw Mel and Queena tied in top position—and it looks like not much has changed.

Congratulations to everyone for their efforts—but there can only be one winner, so it’s time to draw on our reserves of inner strength, and get climbing up those rankings. 

In our final week we’ll be enjoying a drumming exercise class, and completing the final weigh-in and point tallying. Who will win the coveted extra two days of holiday (and, more crucially, the lifelong respect of their peers)…? We’ll announce the results in a blog post next week—don’t miss it.

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